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If you are planning to do Post Graduation after ECE, kindly consider the below facts.


You can do courses like Power electronics, VLSI etc.,


Friends, it is not about the college you are going to study, don't worry if you don't get the seat in top colleges.


Money put on education is not waste.


You may get jobs like teaching, technical jobs (oncampus) don't worry if you don't get job oncampus. Keep attending interviews. You may get one.


It is about how much you gather. Now-a-days, learning is not only in classroom. It is everywhere. You can learn in libraries, your internet.


The world is moving towards open source. Everything is available to everyone. All you need is patience and determination in getting what you want.


So don't hesitate. Doing a PG brings confidence in you.


I recommend you to work in any company before doing PG because then only you will understand it's worth.