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Going to job after ECE



Completed your graduation? Thinking of going to a job?


Kindly go through this before making a decision.


You may be in oscillation whether you can prepare for Government job or attend private interviews.


You may also think of working in your locality to stay with your family or flying out to explore more.


If you work, you will get confidence. Try to work in the company which suites your aspirations. However if you prefer to work in local, try to work in company which is suited for your degree.


The only advantage is you are not going to invest more. If the company is in profit, you will earn more. If the company faces loss, you can move out and search other companies.


It is not about working in Government or private companies. You can learn something from there.


If you are preparing for Government exams, all the best. If you are not able to concentrate well on Government jobs try attending interviews outside. You may get a break and work in private companies.


The great freedom is you can chage companies when you feel it is  not worth your aspirations.


Kindly don't lose hope if you don't get job even after attending multiple interviews. Learn what went wrong and correct it. Remember, you are investing only time and knowledge to them.