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Link Down Troubleshooting Steps:


Network down refers to when the link is completely down. Kindly use below troubleshooting steps for the same (Switch/Router).


Step 1:

      Confirm with technician for possible Power issue. If there is no power issues, check for uplink status. If Technician is not available at site or no issues at site but link is still down, go through next steps.


Step 2:

      Try  Pinging from it's nearest neighbour. Sometimes link may show down in Network Management System and may not ping from Core Router/Switch. Remember to do LSP ping if you are using MPLS in your network.


Step 3:

    Check CDP/LLDP neighbor from it's neighbours. If you can find the switch that was down, there might be problem with configuration or needs restart.


Step 4:

    If the above steps are not helpful, ask technician to help with restarting the device. There might be the case where the device got hanged. Further request technician to Jack Out the fibre and dip it in Isopropyl Alcohol and Jack In again.


Step 4:

     If you are using third party links between device, log the complaint with last mile.