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Issues in Optical Line Transceiver

Optical Line Transceiver Troubleshooting Steps:


Frequent Disconnection occurs due to multiple reasons. Kindly find the below troubleshooting steps:

Few issues occur in Optical Line Transceiver (OLT) are

  • Looping
  • Users going offline
  • Spanning Tree Protocol configured in switch blocks the OLT from up streaming traffic

Few Customers try hacking or DoS attack which brings the network down


Step 1:


Check for interface of OLT in Upstream switch. If there are multiple blocked packets, then there is possibility of looping in Network.

All ports in Switch that are connected to OLTs need to be checked. If there are multiple blocked packets, then there is a chance that STP goes to discarding state.


Step 2:


Once you find out that there are multiple blocked packets, check the rate at which packets are blocked. For ex: 12 packets in a second.


Try disconnecting ports in OLT that are connected to customers one by one Once you block the port on the OLT, check if the same rate of packets are blocked at the switch.

If yes, undo disconnection and disconnect another port and keep checking.


Step 3:


Once you have found the port which causes this issue, block all other ports except the one which causes looping. Then disconnect customers one by one on that port. You can find the customers connected on that port in OLT and try disconnecting them in CRM software.

This will help finding the customer due to which looping is happening.


Step 4:


You can resolve the issue by providing new Optical Network Unit to the Customer.