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Multi Protocol Label Switching:

             This Technology is used to connect remote offices together.

             For example, consider an university having branches in Kerala, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Mumbai and data center is located in Delhi, they can use MPLS as it provides point to point connection provided if they all are using same provider.

             Each location has different MPLS tag. For remote branches to communicate with the Data Center, they can use MPLS tag of Delhi network. Routers in between just look at the tag and just forward the data.

             Every remote branch has Label Switch Router which looks at the IP address of the destination and adds MPLS tag accordingly at the end MPLS tag is removed and packet is delivered.

             Other MPLS routers/switches just see the MPLS tag and just forwards it.

Scenario for Different network:

           If you want to connect to different network, then you should use combination of protocols like MPLS and Border Gateway Protocol.

           For example, consider the same university example mentioned above but the difference is that Data Center in Delhi is in different network, in this case, if any branch wants to connect to Data center, Label Switch Router in each branches will use MPLS tag of Delhi network of the network that branches use, once it reaches Delhi, MPLS tag is removed and Border Gateway Protocol is used to send traffic to other network which Data center uses MPLS to route to Data Center.




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