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Application of Probability in Machine Learning or Data Science:

   Today Most business use Machine learning for Customer acquisition.

   For example, in telecom industry, machine learning is used to analyze usage patterns of their customers and the complaints raised.

  This analysis helps to determine what customers need and will alert if the customer is likely to move out of our company.

   For the company which has crores of customers, it is difficult to analyze each and every customers. Hence advanced data analysis tools like IBM, Rapid Miner, Weka etc.,

Contact Types:

   When you call Customer care, you will be given options like press 1 for Billing issues, 2 for Network issues, 3 for Roaming.

   The options you press will be recorded and will be used for analysis on which issues customers are calling frequently and will take corrective measures.

Feedback forms:

  While browsing some websites, you will be asked to submit feedback at the end of visit. The details will be used for developing the site/product. Here's how


Step 1:

User submits feedback and will be saved in PhP database server.


Step 2:

The company will extract data as database file or excel file.


Step 3:

The data will be analyzed by data analysis tools in form of chart.


Step 4:

Data Science people will prepare the report on how the site can be developed.


Machine Learning, Data Stage, Data Analysis and Data Science is vastly growing fiel.


Machine Learning:

   Machines can't simply work. It needs some training like us while we enter into corporate.


Data Stage:

   This is done by ETL tool which stands for Enhance Transform and Load.