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Optical fiber vs Microwave:

     In this, I will explain the difference between Optical and Microwave Communication.


Microwave Communication:

Microwave dishMicrowave dish


Microwaves can be installed where point to point connectivity is available.

Each microwave antenna points to another antenna in remote areaEach microwave antenna points to another antenna in remote area



Installation of Microwave is easy because roads need not be digged as in case of Optic fiber.

Installation can be completed in 3-4 hours.

Low cost.



Optic fiber:


Optic fiber can be used mainly in hills since line of visibility between two microwave antenna is not achieved easily as trees come in obstruction between these.


Microwave dishes may lose alignment after a point of time (2-4) years and need to be realigned. Antennas also miss the alignment during heavy winds typically cyclones.


OFC laying processOFC laying process


Optical fiber does not radiate harmful radiations as in case of Microwave.

This is why OFCs are used in forest areas to save birds.


Optical fibers carry more bandwidth which can be used for 5G.