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Silicon Manufacturing Process:


   Silicon is used in electronic circuits from TV remote to Rockets. They are used in Integrated circuits, Computer processors, RAM, mobile ICs etc.

    The manufacturing process is shown below:    

Silicon Manufacturing processSilicon Manufacturing process


 Step 1:  Filtering Silicon in Sand:

    Silica is found in earth's Crust (top layer of earth structure). It is taken by filtering sand.

Silicon Structure found in sand or crystalSilicon Structure found in sand or crystal


Manufacturing of Ingot:


Pure Silicon is then heated until it reaches molten state. The boiling point of Silicon is 3265 °C.

Silicon heated until it boilsSilicon heated until it boils


This is done to remove impurities.


Silicon heated and grown to IngotsSilicon heated and grown to Ingots



Silicon refining processSilicon refining process


The final Ingot looks like thisThe final Ingot looks like this


Then the silicon is made into Wafer.

The ingot is made into WaferThe ingot is made into Wafer


Then the Wafer is separated into an individual die.

Die separationDie separation

Then the die is finally sent to companies like Intel, Qualcom etc to manufacture IC's.