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Cloud Computing:

        In today's world, we are moving to cloud based applications as they can be accessed on any device any where.


Why Cloud?

        If the application is hosted in cloud, then it is accessible anywhere via the Internet.

For eg., It would be difficult for you to download application for everything you use say shopping, job search etc.

        Consider Facebook games where you will not download any games but you can simply login to Facebook, select a game and play and you need not download Gmail application on your system and mobile. Just type in your browser and start surfing.

         Another example is your net banking. Consider IDFC Net banking, this is developed by TATA Consultancy Services (Bancs) and published in Application server and database server is maintained centrally which contains individual's details like Name, Balance, Transaction history etc., A web server will be developed and will be linked to website and that website will be assigned an IP address. When you type the in your browser, it will be resolved to IP address by DNS server and your request will reach Web server. The web server will take the data from Application server and will display it to you, the first displayed thing will be your login page, after you login, the web server displays your home page and when you click on Balance, the application server will request to database server and database server will send your balance to App server. Web server collects data from App server and Database server and displays it to you.

          Each time the application requests data to database server is called API call.

      Suppose you want to develop an application it is difficult to develop for all users as some uses Android, Windows, MAC etc. As a solution you will develop the app using .NET and host it in cloud.

Architecture of application hosted on cloud.
Ref: integranets.comArchitecture of application hosted on cloud. Ref:



          This makes application easier to access as I can access it from my web browser no matter what OS or browser I'm using.

       These are normally called web apps. For developing such applications, you need the following:

       1. Web Server:

              Web servers are used to take data from Application and Database server and publish it to you.

       2. Application Server:

               This contains web app developed in .NET to be displayed to users be it a game or mail or mail web app developed by your company for you to access anywhere.

       3. Database Server:

                This will store all the data related to the application. Suppose if you play online game, your scores will be stored in Database server.


For details about server, kindly browse links below:


             Building individual web, application and Database server may be costly if your company is small or for learning purpose. For this you can use Hypervisor where you can separate single server logically into three and use it as Web, app and Database server.

You can use your PCs installed with Windows server edition or Ubuntu server edition or anything of your choice and configure them.

       I have installed Lime survey app on this server for sample feedback. For Database, I have configured MySql with InnoDB Since it is hosted in cloud, it can be accessed anywhere and you don't have to download any application. Find the link below:


               Once you have filled the data, I will get response created in Database server like below:

List of responses stored in my data base serverList of responses stored in my data base server


       If you still have doubts, kindly mail to


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